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West Morris District Cubmobile Derby

All Tiger, Wolf, Bear and  Webelos Dens. Cubmobile
Sussex County Technical School
105 North Church Road
Sparta, NJ
Route 15 North. Approximately 1.4 miles after becoming a one-lane highway turn right onto White Lake Road (at the traffic light). White Lake Road takes you to Route 94. Sussex County Technical School is on the left.
Each den builds and races their own Cubmobile.  Two dens may also pair up and build a single Cubmobile.  Pack 166 will reimburse each den up to $50 for materials.
What’s Needed:
bulletMinimum of two adults per car
bulletMax 10-12 Scouts per car
bulletWear uniforms or pack T-Shirts 
bulletAdult volunteers
What to Bring:
bulletThe whole family
bulletOld Pinewood Derby cars
bulletMoney for food

Cubmobile Specs and Parts

See the illustration for description of building materials and hardware.

bulletWheels must not exceed 12 inches in diameter.
bulletAll wheels must be equipped with solid rubber tires.
bulletCar frame is made from 2-by-4-inch construction lumber.
bulletThe overall length of the car is a maximum of 5 feet; the wheel base a maximum of 4 feet. The outside circumference of the wheel may vary from 30 to 36 inches.
bulletUse round head ¼ inch bolts to hold frame. Screws are a second choice. Nails are not suitable, because they my work loose.
bulletAll cars must have a seat with braced backrest, so the boy can comfortably steer with his feet.
bulletSteering is done with the feet, which are placed on the front axle, and by the hands holding a rope fastened to the front axle.
bulletIf threaded axles are used, the nuts must be secured with cotter pins or wire.
bulletCars must be equipped with an adequate safety belt securely fastened to the main frame of the car.
bulletCars must be equipped with a handbrake with its rubbing surface faced with a rubber material such as a strip of an old tire. This will stop the car when dragged on the ground.
bulletDuring a race, the two 2-by-4.inch blocks fastened ½-inch from the centerboard will limit the turning radius.

Racing Procedure

bulletThe derby is run in heats. Each den has one Cubmobile, and each boy in the den races the car one time. The den with the lowest average racing time wins.
bulletCub Scouts bring Cubmobile to inspection station where it is checked and numbered.
bulletCars and drivers go to the registration table where the names and car are checked on the heat schedule.
bulletAs his name is called by announcer, each boy reports to starting gate and is helped into his ear. Seat belt is fastened.
bulletAll drivers must wear protective head gear, such as football helmet, racing helmet or construction "hard hat".
bulletWhen the cars are released by the starter, drivers should stay in their own lanes.
bulletNo pumping or pushing with the feet is permitted.
bulletAfter driving, the boy returns to the spectator section.

Cubmobile Plans


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