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Good Scouting Links

bullet Patriots' Path Council - Home page of our local council.
bullet Troop 166 - Randolph Boy Scout troop also sponsored by the Millbrook United Methodist Church.
bullet Subscribe to the Scouting Way and we could receive a donation. The Scouting Way provides great insights into scouting and life. It is is e-mailed weekly. Subscriptions are free. And, there's a book too - order via this link and its a pack fundraiser!

The Scouting Way

bullet Boy Scouts of America - Official site of the BSA.
bullet BSA Catalog - Browse the entire official scout catalog online.
bullet Boys' Life Magazine - Check out information on the current or past issues.
bullet Scouting Magazine - Online version of the magazine for adult scouters. Back issues are available.
bullet Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook - Simply the best Cub Scout resource site on the net. It can be slow in the evening.
bullet US Scouting Service Project - lots of searchable scouting information including
bullet Snakes-n-Scales and Turtle Tales - Find out about a reptile presentation for your pack. If your unit is in or near northern New Jersey, this makes an excellent pack meeting presentation. Discounts are given for scout groups.
bullet Guide to Safe Scouting - Official Boy Scouts of America policies and guidelines. Every leader should be familiar with the contents. It is required to have a copy when completing a tour permit.
bullet BSA Medical Forms - The form needs to be filled out by all participants.
bullet Cub Scout Roundtable - Another good site with excellent information on the cub scout program
bullet Baloo's Bugle - A great source of roundtable like information for the upcoming month's theme.
bullet PRAY - Information on religious awards for cub scouts and other organizations.
bullet Tiger Cubs - Check out information on the new Tiger Cub program from the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook.
bullet Scout Graphics - Lots of downloadable scout graphics from the Hiawatha Seaway Council.


Achievement Trackers  - Excel spreadsheets for Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos from the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook. Download these ZIP files and use in Excel to print nice advancement reports - no more flipping through books at meetings!

Pack 166 Resources
Requirements From the Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook.
bullet Opening Ceremonies - Ceremonies appropriate for pack openings.
bullet Closing Ceremonies - Ceremonies appropriate for pack closings.
bullet Flag Ceremonies - Guidelines and ideas for flag ceremonies.
bullet Right Family Holiday Magic Gift Exchange - Here is the text of the Holiday Magic gift exchange.

Patrol Emblems - See the various BSA patrol emblems your Webelos den can pick from.


Pinewood Derby Rules - Review the guidelines for Pinewood Derby Cars & Race Day.


Space Derby Guidelines - Review the guidelines for the Space Derby.


Cubmobile Derby - Review Specs, Parts & Racing Procedure.


Ram Alerts - Receive Cell Phone Messages for Cancellations.


Camping - Rules and Packing Guidelines.

bullet Bobcat requirements
bullet Wolf requirements
bullet Bear requirements
bullet Webelos requirements
bullet Arrow of Light requirements
bullet Academics & Sports program and requirements
bullet Academics & Sports another link about earning Belt Loops and Pins
New Patch to earn - Internet Scouting
bullet Uniforms


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