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These are uniform guidelines for Pack 166. Uniforms should be worn at all Cub Scout meetings and activities.

Wolf HatTiger Cub Cap


Tiger, Wolf & Bear Cub Scouts

 Cub Scout Uniform

Bear Hat

Item #



Tiger Cub Cap



Tiger Cub Web Belt

34713 Tiger Cub Handbook  

853 or 852

Cub Scout Cap (Wolf or Bear)


Blue Long Sleeve Shirt OR


Blue Short Sleeve Shirt

Scout trousers are not required by Pack 166. Wear navy blue pants or jeans.



Blue Cub Scout Web Belt – to 28" OR


Blue Cub Scout Web Belt – to 38"


Gold Wolf Neckerchief (2nd grade)



Blue Bear Neckerchief (3rd grade)


Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide

Den Numeral



Patriots’ Path Council Shoulder Patch


World Scout Crest Emblem

Pack 166 Numerals

33106 Wolf Cub Scout Book OR  
33107 Bear Cub Scout Book  

Webelos Scouts

Webelos Hat      Webelos Neckerchief

Webelos Scouts may wear either the blue Cub Scout Uniform or the tan Boy Scout Uniform.  They can choose either the blue belt with the Webelos buckle or the khaki belt with the Boy Scout buckle.  The same hat is worn with either uniform. Cub Scout belt loops fit only the Cub Scout belt.


Patriots’ Path Council BSA

Ramsey Outdoor

222 Columbia Turnpike

Route 46 West

Florham Park, NJ 07932

Ledgewood NJ

Phone: 973-765-9322


Fax: 973-765-9142  


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