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Guidelines Regarding Space Derby Rockets

  1. Use only the materials supplied in a single BSA space derby kit. Do not substitute any of these parts.

  2. Painting and decorations are encouraged. Use your imagination.

  3. The rocket you compete should be a new rocket, with a balsa wood body, not one built in a previous year.

  4. Each rocket can be powered by no more than two (2) rubber bands

  5. Only the four rubber bands supplied with each rocket kit may be used in the den races.

  6. Rockets reaching pack finals will be issued (two) additional rubber bands.

  7. Lubrication may be used on rubber bands.

Guidelines for Space Derby Race Day

  1. Please arrive in accordance with the schedule above.

  2. Each den will race their rockets against each other.

  3. Den competitions will be double elimination competition-two losses and you’re out.

  4. You may delay one den race (i.e. rubber band replacement, rocket damage etc.) A second delay disqualifies rocket.

  5. First, second and third place finishes in each den will qualify for the Pack Finals.

  6. Pack Finals will be a single elimination competition. (Delay rules remain the same.)

  7. All boys entering a rocket for the race will receive a space derby patch. Trophies will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners of the pack competition. Trophies will also be awarded for the 1st place winner in each den.


  • The little plastic straw MUST go over the hook (not just the shaft as the drawing in the space derby kit illustrates) This is where the rubber bands will hook on - the wire hook will cut the rubber bands without the plastic straw liner!!!

  • Lubricate the rubber bands (spray silicon, ethylene glycol, castor oil, ...)! Stretch them numerous times before loading, hand wind the bands numerous times before races (20 winds, then 40 winds, then 60, 80, 100) -- this helps relax the elastic properties of the band and makes it more pliable and durable (this is exactly why the clowns stretch the balloons before blowing them up!).

  • The plastic dowel at the rear of the space derby to hold the rubber bands MUST be kept from rotating (groove out the back so the dowel can sit in it!) - do not glue it!

  • Do not glue the front nose/propeller assembly into the front of the space derby. It is pulled off to re-load new rubber bands!

  • Do not glue the back dowel onto the rocket. It is pulled off to re-load new rubber bands!

  • The propeller should have the rounded shaft-end pointing into (touching) the space derby (this makes the bending of the wire easier and it reduces friction).


    Each den must provide one adult to 
    assist with the space derby

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