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Pinewood Derby Rules


Pinewood Derby Car Requirements

  1. The car being entered shall be a new car – not a car built for a previous race.

  2. Pack 166 will sell Official Pinewood Derby kits for $4.00 at the December pack meeting. Or buy one at the Denville Patriot’s Path Council scout shop or Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna.

  3. The pinewood body from the Official Pinewood Derby kit must be used. It can be shaped, built up, and/or hollowed out as long as it satisfies all other specifications.

  4. The wheels and axles from the Official Pinewood Derby kit must be used. No washers, bushings, bearings, or springs are allowed. Wheels may be sanded to remove flashing only. No reduction in width or diameter, or changes in shape are allowed.

  5. Maximum overall width (including wheels and axles) must not exceed 2 inches.

  6. Minimum clearance between the bottom of the car and the bottom of the wheels shall be 3/8 inch so that the car will clear the center guide strip.

  7. Maximum total length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

  8. No part of the car can protrude beyond the starting post. Tapered fronts and spoilers are permitted providing that they satisfy this requirement. Starting post is 3/8" rising approximately 1" from the center of the track.

  9. The weight of the car shall not exceed 5 ounces (141.7 grams). The reading of the Official Race Scale will be considered final.

  10. Only dry powdered lubricants can be used. Cars should be lubricated prior to inspection. No other lubrication by the racers will be allowed. The Race Committee will make a best effort to add lubricant to all cars that qualify for the pack finals.

Guidelines For Pinewood Derby Race Day

  1. Kindly arrive in accordance with the schedule above.

  2. Cars will be inspected at registration. Owners will be informed of any violations to the above specifications and will be given an opportunity to bring their car into compliance up until the scheduled race time. To make race day more fun for everyone, please complete your car before check-in.

  3. After registration, cars will be impounded for the duration of the race and design judging. If a wheel falls off, the Race Committee will make an attempt to replace it prior to the next race. No other changes are permitted.

  4. Each den will race their cars against each other. First, second, and third place finishes in each den will qualify for the Pack Finals.

  5. Trophies will be given to the top three finishers in each Den and top four finishers in the Pack.

  6. Three pack trophies will also be given for design. Subjective judging will be based on appearance, originality, uniqueness, and craftsmanship. Two cars from each den qualify for the design finals. The final judging will take place prior to the Pack Final races.

  7. All Race Committee decisions are final.

Heat and Finals Format

"The Judge" is our electronic finish line that optically senses the car's finish line position.

    bulletFirst place - solid light

    bulletSecond place - blinking light (half on / half off)

    bulletThird place - winking light (off for more time than blinking)

    bulletFourth place - no light

Ties are rare, but possible - the heat is re-run with only the cars involved in the tie on the same lanes.

We run a "Modified Round Robin" instead of "Double Elimination". This race format is fairer because it ensures that:

    bulletEach car is guaranteed to run at least 4 heats

    bulletMatch-ups are more "balanced" - you race against more different opponents

    bulletEach car runs on every lane

The decision of "The Judge" is final in all races.

For The Den Races:

    bulletEach car runs 4 heats, each in a different lane.

    bulletPoints are assigned to each place finish.

      4 points for First place
      3 points for Second place
      2 points for Third place
      1 point for Fourth place

    bulletAfter all Den heats are completed, the highest point totals determine the Den winners.

    bulletIn the case of a point total tie, a single (sudden death) tiebreaker will be used.

    bulletThe top 3 finishers in each Den receive a trophy and advance to the Pack Finals.

For The Pack Finals:

All cars that qualify for the finals get a position in the Finals Table.

    bulletEach car runs eight heats, two heats per lane.

    bulletPoints are assigned as in the den races. Final point total determines winners.

    bulletIn case of a tie of 4 or less cars, a single (sudden death) heat will be used to break the tie.

    bulletIn case of a tie of more than 4 cars, we'll run a Modified Round Robin to break the tie.


Patriots’ Path Council BSA

Ramsey Outdoor

Denville Scout Shop

Route 46 West

12 Mt. Pleasant Turnpike (off of Route 10 East)

Ledgewood NJ

Denville NJ 07834




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