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Camping Guidelines

Who Can Attend?
As with most Cub Scout activites each Cub Scout must have at least one parent attending. Both parents and siblings are also invited.
Bring your own tent, sleeping bag and pad. Extra tents are available.
Additional Info

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted.

If you can't camp out, stay for the dinner and campfire and return for breakfast and activities.

What to Bring


bulletUniform for Campfire
bulletShirt Pack Tee Shirt recommended
bulletSneakers or boots


bulletTent (with floor and/or plastic sheet as ground cloth)
bulletSleeping bag (or use 2-3 blankets instead)
bulletSleeping pad or air mattress


bulletJacket / sweatshirt
bulletPoncho or raincoat
bulletExtra shirt
bulletLong pants
bulletExtra underwear, t-shirt, socks


bulletPack, duffle or suitcase
bulletToothbrush, toothpaste, soap (in container), towel, toilet paper
bulletEating utensils
bullet Plate / bowl / cup (or have den bring paper goods)
bulletWater bottle or canteen (bring it filled)


bulletHandbook, pen or pencil (you will probably be able to pass off several requirements)
bulletCamera / film
bulletInsect repellent
bulletPillow (or use rolled up clothes)
bulletFirst aid kit (we will have the pack first aid kit)
bulletCards or games (no electronic games)
bulletFolding chairs or something to sit on the ground for eating and campfire

Den equipment

bulletTrash bag(s)
bulletWater jug (for drinking and clean-up)
bulletMatches or lighter (parents only)

Optional den equipment (as required based on needs)

bulletPaper plates and cups
bulletPaper towels
bulletCleaning supplies

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